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We have various well established bait sites, which have bait available to the bears 24/7.  This is key to attracting an abundance of bears at each site.  We have 45 gallon drums of an oat/sugar/grease mixture, as well as 35 gallon drums of fryer grease (this works amazing as bears get it all over their paws, tracking it throughout the woods).  We also use various candy, as well as the black bear’s favourite natural food source - beaver.

We use both double wide and single ladder stands, placed within 15-20 yards of each bait barrel for our archery hunters.  Our rifle/shotgun/muzzleloader hunters are welcome to use these too, or we have natural ground blinds located approximately 75 yards from the bait that can be utilized.

We do indeed employ the use of trail cameras at our sites.

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