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Frequently Asked Questions :

Q.   What is required to enter into Canada?​


A.   A passport is required.  With a valid passport, there generally isn’t any issue entering Canada.  Past criminal charges however, even DUI’s, can create difficulty in crossing the border, so should this apply to you, be sure to inquire months in advance to secure smooth passage.  It is your responsibility to ensure your entry into Canada.  The following website has further information:

Q.   How do I bring a firearm into Canada?

A.   A firearms declaration form is required.  There is a $30 process fee to at the border.  *Not required for bows.


Q.   What are the accommodations?


A.   We utilize a local bed and breakfast as our accommodation, which has proven to be absolutely ideal.  A very quiet, comfortable setting, with all bedding and towels provided. Amazing home-cooked meals, along with wifi available.  There is however, no laundry service provided.

Here is a link to the accommodations:


Q.   What can I expect weather-wise?


A.   Generally speaking, the weather is pleasant in May and June.  It is best, however, to plan for both warm and cold temperatures, as it has the potential to vary between 40 F and 85 F.  

Q.   Is a bear hunt physically challenging?


A.   No, it’s not.  We travel to bait sites with trucks, ATV, or UTV.  Our baits vary in distance: the closest being a short walk from the truck, with our furthest being a 1 hour UTV ride from the truck.

Q.   Do you have a “what to bring” list?


A.   The following items are required/recommended:

  • passport

  • waterproof/rubber boots

  • cabin shoes

  • warm clothing (insulated gloves, hat, socks)

  • thermacell (insect repellant system)

  • camera

  • gun or bow (minimum 40 lb draw weight)

  • gun or bow case (hard preferred)

  • ammunition/arrows (broadhead point 7/8” or greater in width)

  • trigger lock

  • cushion

  • safety harness/lanyard

  • headlamp/flashlight

  • sunglasses

  • large cooler or tote (for transporting hide/meat)

  • personal medications/hygiene items

  • NO hunter orange required for spring hunt

  • hunter education/safety certificate

  • raingear (jacket/pants)

  • non-resident firearm declaration form (pre-filled)

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