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We offer 5-day hunts, with a 6 night stay, between mid-May and mid-June of each year.




We have various well established bait sites, which have bait available to the bears 24/7.  This is key to attracting an abundance of bears at each site. We have 45 gallon drums of an oat/sugar/grease mixture, as well as 35 gallon drums of fryer grease (this works amazing as bears get it all over their paws, tracking it throughout the woods).  We also use various candy, as well as the black bear’s favourite natural food source - beaver.

We use both double wide and single ladder stands, placed within 15-20 yards of each bait barrel for our archery hunters.  Our rifle/shotgun/muzzleloader hunters are welcome to use these too, or we have natural ground blinds located approximately 75 yards from the bait that can be utilized.

We do indeed employ the use of trail cameras at our sites.




What sets Duck Mountain Provincial Park apart from other hunting areas is its colour phase bears.  The genetic for colour phase black bears is found in few places in North America but it has been deep-rooted in the Duck Mountain for centuries.  The opportunity to harvest a colour phase black bear is better than average for the patient hunter. Blonde, chocolate, cinnamon, shades of red and brown - the multiple colour phases of the bears are amazing and they are here!




When your trophy has been harvested, our guides, first and foremost, will see to it that quality pictures are taken with your camera and our own. From that point, we will skin the bear according to the best interest of the hide's use, and then have the hides frozen.  You will need to provide your own cooler for your hide and whatever meat you are wanting to take home with you. We can part your trophy into quarters and freeze it, but any further meat processing needs are at your responsibility and/or cost. Should you choose not to take the meat for yourself, we can see to it that it gets donated to a local needy source.  Your hunting license acts as your Manitoba export permit for head/hide/meat when transporting it home.

We do have access to a local taxidermist who is highly recommended, especially when it comes to his work with black bears.




Should you wound a black bear, we will do our utmost to recover it. Please note that “wound” is defined as drawing blood.  Should a recovery attempt be unsuccessful, there will be a $500 US CASH fee to extend your hunt. This is only utilized at your discretion. Should you continue with your hunt and wound a second bear, your hunt at that point, is considered complete.

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