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Hawthorn Outfitting is family-owned and operated by Cliff and Judy Paul along with their son, Shawn.

Cliff and Judy were both born and raised on the south-western edge of Duck Mountain Provincial Park. With both coming from large families in the 1950’s, they know what is meant by “living off the land.”  Within their family-line you’ll find a long list of hunters, trappers, and fishermen. With a rich deposit of history and knowledge of the area in which Hawthorn Outfitting operates, you won’t find a more kind and hospitable couple willing to host you.

Shawn, the eldest child of Cliff and Judy, is an avid hunter and hunting guide.  He has guided extensively for black bear, whitetail deer, and moose, throughout Manitoba and Ontario for more than 20 years.  He’s hunted with both rifle and bow, pursuing primarily whitetail deer, elk, and moose. His vast experience and success, as both a hunter and guide, provide Hawthorn Outfitting with a wealth of expertise and insight. The passion he lends in the pursuit of big-game species is both infectious and steady.  His willingness to work hard, while singing a country song or whistlin’ a tune, has earned the friendship and respect of his hunters over the years.

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