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We live on the edge of North America’s premier black bear hunting destination - Duck Mountain Provincial Park, located in the province of Manitoba, Canada!  With perfect habitat, very little hunting pressure and no natural predators, Duck Mountain bears grow with the potential to die of old age, and flourish in their numbers.  If that isn’t enough, the opportunity to harvest a trophy colour phase bear doesn’t get better anywhere else in the world!


We love hunting and the outdoors! We live for the warmth of the sun’s rays, the fresh smells of the earth, the bugle of a big, raspy bull elk, and even the chattering of a curious whisky-jack. God’s creation was meant to be enjoyed and we do our best to make every moment count.


We care about people!  The hunt was never established to be simply about the “kill,” instead, it’s meant to be more about the journey.  In that journey, friendships are established and relationships cultivated…these are indeed, some of the finer things of life.  To partner with you, in pursuit of a trophy Manitoba black bear, whether it’s the very first time we’ve met, or as a well-rooted friendship, is an opportunity that we’ll never take for granted.

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