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Becky Kalianov -2019

I have hunted twice with Shawn and both times I’ve shot good bears within the first three days of the hunt.  Every hunter in camp got a nice-size bear both years I was hunting under Shawn’s guidance.  He works very hard making sure everyone has the opportunity to get a bear. While on the stand, I saw a lot of bears with the bear activity making the evenings go by fast. 


And it doesn’t matter what time he picks up all the hunters and drives them back to camp, there will always be a hot meal waiting for you.  In fact, after one particularly cold and drizzly evening sitting, it was midnight by the time all of the hunters were picked up and we were driven back to camp. Upon our arrival, we were greeted with bowls of hot, homemade chicken noodle soup.  A perfect ending to a fun evening!  His mother and sister are the cooks and you will never go hungry.  They cook up three hot meals every day and the food is amazing!  This is a family-run business with Shawn’s dad helping out as well with baiting and helping take hunters to and from stands.  The whole family is down-to-earth, fun and they are very honest people.  I have so much fun with the Paul family.  You become immediate friends the moment you meet them. They treat you like family.

Everything from the hunt to sitting around the table visiting and laughing and telling stories was such a fun experience that I booked my third hunt and am looking forward to going back in two years.

A wonderful Christian family, comfortable accommodations, great food, and big bears at Hawthorn Outfitting! 

Patrick Thelen - Spring 2019/Fall 2021


I have been hunting bears every spring for the past 11 years, so I have some experience with outfitters.  I hunted five of the six day hunt.  I saw multiple bears on each hunt.  The area that Shawn has, is known for big, big, bears.  I took a great 6+ foot boar with a white crest on his chest.  The lodging was top, top, notch.  Extremely clean, internet service, queen bed with room to lay your gear out.  It is a family ran business, but while you're there it does not feel like you're a client, it feels like you are a guest in Shawn's parent's house.  Judy is by far the best cook I have ever had in any camp, from hand made bread, to elk, fried bananas, etc.  You will not go home hungry.  Cliff is a character and his stories are great even if those stories get him in trouble with Judy.   We had the honor of Shawn, his dad, and his son in camp.  It was great to see generations passing down their knowledge to each other.  It was a great camp and one that I am planning to go to again.  Any question feel free to contact me.

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