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Our hunting area dwells in, without question, one of North America’s premier black bear hunting destinations - Duck Mountain Provincial Park!  Located within the province of Manitoba, Duck Mountain Provincial Park is a 1424 square kilometre part of the Manitoba Escarpment. It contains Baldy Mountain, which is Manitoba’s highest point of elevation at 2,727 feet.  The park itself is a rise of thickly wooded, rolling terrain with dozens of deep, clear lakes.


Boreal and deciduous forests, as well as upland meadows support a wide variety of wildlife.  The surrounding lowlands have almost entirely been converted to cereal-grain farmland, making the park an environmental refuge for big-game species.

Black bears have flourished in number for years in Duck Mountain Provincial Park.  Hunting pressure is virtually non-existent and the surrounding fields of oats, barley, and other irresistible grains, provide the bears the opportunity to grow big and healthy.  With such a massive sanctuary of forest available and an abundance of natural food sources, the end result is world class black bear hunting.

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